Monday, December 24, 2007

xmonad on wikipedia

Some scum on Wikipedia didn't like xmonad window manager (or, I guess, some of its developers) and is trying to achieve deletion of the article about xmonad. From discussion it becomes obvious that the true reason is the Catofax personal relationship to the project. He claims about no perspective, small user base, calling xmonad "insignificant hobby project".

Ironically, this helped xmonad developers and users to improve WP article, gather different interesing facts about innovations in xmonad which have spread to the other tiling WMs and other good things.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger!


I've got a second workstation at home. Its hostname is thewayout.

Now there are many new problems and possibilities. I've already provided internet connection for it using SNAT (it was good opportunity to grok iptables). Now question arises about installing system on it.

So, what are the options?

  1. X11 terminal. thewayout is much less powerful than my main machine, crematorium, so I could consider using it just as X11 terminal. But it seems to demand much work and besides I don't want to lose 800Mhz CPU and 128M RAM on that host.
  2. Full system. Since I use Debian GNU/Linux, it's very easy to set up and maintain using tool like apt-proxy, which allows to download packages only once. The main disadvantage here is double disk space for identical data.
  3. Finally, it's possible (I hope!) to fully maintain only one system on crematorium and share its large part over NFS. That looks very nice, but there are some doubts: how will this influence on crematorium performance, will my 100Mb LAN connection be sufficient and, finally, implementing this scheme doesn't look very obvious in practice. Probably I'll have to learn about init ram disks and other things I lived without till now.