Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mathematica tour

I'm going to attend one of two Oleksandr Pavlyk's lectures in Kiev about Mathematica.

Who else is going to be there?

UPDATE. I'll be in Kiev on May 30.


Dmitrey said...

Mathematica is commercial software (as well as MATLAB, MAPLE, MATCAD), while there are more and more free one: SAGE (, license: GPL), numpy/scipy (, license: BSD), PythonXY etc.
Fortress language (fortran successor) should be considered (in future) as well.

Roman Cheplyaka said...

They are considered, no doubt :)

I learned Mathematica about 6 years ago and still feel very comfortable with it. And I don't use math software sufficiently often to invest time into learning some open source alternative.

But if there is some lecture, presentation or discussion about some opensource math software in Ukraine, I'll definitely try to join.

dying_sphynx said...

Thanks for the info! I think I'll be in Kiev that time so I'll try to join too.