Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Impressions from Sun University Day

I learned many interesting things from Sergey Pikalev's talk about Solaris, but I dislike the style of the talk. Instead of presenting slides, Sergey made all the examples in real-time in the terminal. Obviously, this caused inevitable delays and tired the public.

As far as I know, Python seminar Exception #08 will be held in similar fashion in a few days. Looking forward to hear their impressions about this form of presentation.

Returning to Solaris: its service manager reminded is similar to NixOS idea of building the whole system configuration from the nix expressions (except nix expressions are much more powerful then Solaris' XML, and also much more human-friendly).

Sergey also talked about zones and ZFS, but didn't cover dtrace.

The next talk was about NetBeans and using Java in corporate environment. I got an impression of Java being bureaucratic programming platform and left the seminar.


Saprykin said...

Are you going to "Exception #08"?
I've got negative impression about Java today. And it's my first one.

Roman Cheplyaka said...

I was at Exception 06, it's nice, but I'm too far from python and web development.

Maybe some day we will have functional programming seminars in Ukraine...

Saprykin said...

and i'm too far from python, web development and functional programming. i'm currently considering fundamental things...
As far as I know you organized some haskell trainings. Are they "alive"? :)

Roman Cheplyaka said...

There were five lectures, I've published their plan with links.

This is sufficient basis for further education (and there's mailing list if you need assistance). If there are people interested in Haskell (or functional programming in general), I'd prefer to continue our work in the form of seminar. There are enough topics to learn, investigate and talk about.