Wednesday, March 19, 2008

xmonad stickers

Mar 18 02:10:29 <oxymor00n> btw. some guys in another chan want to make stickers with the xmonad-logo to put on the windows-key
Mar 18 02:11:56 <Feuerbach> oxymor00n: that's cool =)
Mar 18 02:12:09 <byorgey> oxymor00n: that would be hot =)
Mar 18 02:12:15 <byorgey> I'd buy one!
Mar 18 02:12:21 * Feuerbach too!
Mar 18 02:12:25 * shepheb would snatch that up.
Mar 18 02:13:01 <oxymor00n> me too. i'll keep you posted when i know more
Mar 18 02:13:27 <Feuerbach> - What is your modMask key? - Xmonad!
Mar 18 02:13:43 <Feuerbach> and let's rename xmodmap to xmonadmap


I'm going crazy with these Ubuntu codenames.
Like that guy on #xmonad:

I'm trying to get xmonad up and running in ubuntu gutsy. There seem to be packages for hardy, but not gutsy.

Like I know whether hardy comes after gutsy or not.

It's worth nothing that ...

In one article I came across the following sentence: "It’s worth noting that the typically fluid-like swirly-vortex phenomenon only happens in viscous fluids, arising because of the blurring effect viscosity has on fluid velocities."

I understood "it worth nothing" as "it's obvious", but wanted to check it. The dictionary translated it as "doesn't have any worth". Not too meaningful here. So I googled for it and found this post. To tell the truth, I couldn't understand what's going on. That guy just posted google link for the same query that I used to find him -- what did he mean? It took a minute for me to notice that tiny "h" letter that made the difference. Yeah, it's really worth noting...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Summer of Code mailing list

I had to unsubscribe from mailing list. I've never seen so many people unable to read neither FAQ nor mailing list archives. Awful.