Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hac5: second day

The second day was mostly the day of the demonstrations.
It began with darcs q&a session driven by Eric Kow. Particularly, I found out that no simple solution to my problem is available yet (although I learned about context files which you can exchange with your buddy and use to make "darcs send" happy).
Atze Dijkstra made an announce of the first UHC release. UHC is Utrecht Haskell Compiler, but since UHC grew out of EHC (Essential Haskell Compiler), jokes about UHC being Unessential Haskell Compiler were popular.

Don Stewart showed the way to visualize Haskell data structures using vacuum with cairo backend, and Christophe Poucet made the same in 3d using Ubigraph backend.

David Himmelstrup told about the current status of LHC.
For me, the most interesting during that day was review of Grapefruit made by Wolfgang Jeltsch. The hard thing about Grapefruit is that it extensively uses type extensions and type-level programming, so Wolfgang tried to explain why those are needed. I guess, "ordinary" haskellers passing by were frightened hearing Wolfgang talking about kind polymorphism (at least, I was).

The day ended with collective dinner.


kowey said...

Nice report :-)

I've put down some notes on the context file mechanism on your dvcs post from 2008.

Roman Cheplyaka said...

Thanks :) It's a pity I haven't got any photo of darcs qa (perhaps because I was busy asking questions :). And apparently Martijn also doesn't have any. If you know where I can steal one, I'll insert it in the report.