Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quantum analogy

Classical physics is an example of pure functional system — when you measure something, the measurement itself has no side effects.

But in quantum mechanics, when you measure something the very action of measurement affects the object of observation. Probably God used unsafePerformIO somewhere?


Twan van Laarhoven said...

Actually, quantum physics is more like a monad: you can not observe a closed quantum system from the outside. The only way to make a measurement is by becoming part of the system yourself. (at least, according to the multiple worlds interpretation)

> do cat <- catInBox
> return (if alive cat then ":)" else ":(")

Roman Cheplyaka said...

Something like Probability monad?

sigfpe said...

Quantum mechanics uses the "vector space" monad which is very similar to the probability (or Giry) monad.

augustss said...

We're living in a monad, perhaps it's the dream monad?

Patai Gergely said...

And of course the real answer is much more shocking.