Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New magazine: Practice of Functional Programming

Yesterday, the first issue of the new Russian-speaking electronic magazine, Practice of Functional Programming, was presented.

The issue consists of the following articles:

  • editorial, by Lev Walkin;
  • two introductory philosophical articles: «Fear of Laziness» by Sergey Zefirov and «Functions and Functional Approach» by Roman Dushkin;
  • two more practical articles: Eugene Kirpichov tells about pitfalls and workarounds when using mutable state, and Dmitriy Astapov illustrates top-down design approach using checkers game as an example;
  • translation of Dan Piponi's Haskell Monoids and their Uses by Kirill Zaborskiy;
  • extensive literature review by Alex Ott.

I am often sceptical about such localized projects, because they artificially narrow their audience. On the other hand, we hope that this magazine will familiarize our programmers with FP and make it a bit less «alien technology».

So, let's wish a great future to the new magazine!


e.v.e said...

Maybe title for Zefirov's article should be "Too lazy to fear"?

Roman Cheplyaka said...

Should it?
It looks to me like playing with "Волков бояться -- в лес не ходить".

e.v.e said...

Interesting interpretation.

But in this case title would be "Лени бояться..."