Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some Events Worth Mentioning

  1. Mathematical Summer School «Mudramakitra» for high school students (Cherkasy, Ukraine). I will be teaching there.
  2. Conference «Verified Software: Theories, Tools and Experiments» and colocated Summer School on Formal Reasoning & Representation of Complex Systems (Edinburgh, UK). I'm going to attend the summer school.
  3. FOSS Fest 2010 (Odessa, Ukraine). I will be unable to attend.
  4. Kiev Polytechnical University will be hosting Summer School «Achievements and applications of contemporary informatics, mathematics and physics». I'm surprised that there are such events in Ukraine. Again, I'll be unable to attend, but if someone reading this blog is going there, please share your impressions afterwards!
  5. Python conference PyCon Ukraine will be held in Kiev in October.
  6. And finally, while I'm writing this, Australian Haskell hackers are having a great time at the first Australian Hackathon, AusHac2010!

Update. Soon after this post was published, Jasper Van der Jeugt announced that he is preparing the first BelHac — Haskell Hackaton in Ghent, Belgium!

Update2. Hoodlums group (London Haskellers) will have (the first?) meeting on July 29. I'll be in London during that time, so will join them and have some fun!

It is a "Coding Dojo" format where we pick some interesting problem and solve it as a group.


Vsevolod Dyomkin said...

Sciprog Kyiv: 24 September.
I believe, something interesting will turn up :)

Roman Cheplyaka said...

Vsevolod: are you organizing it? Google doesn't know about it.

Vsevolod Dyomkin said...

Roman, sorry, forgot to subscribe to comments :)

Yeah, I'm on the organizing team. It's gonna be ACM event. We'll announce in a couple of weeks. Nothing too fancy, but we hope to have good content. All in all, wait for the announcement.