Thursday, September 16, 2010

iPad impressions

Recently I got an iPad. Here are my first impressions. (If you're going to find anything positive among them, you won't, sorry.)

  1. To get it working, you need to connect it to iTunes. No idea what for. Before you connect it to iTunes, it won't even show you a wallpaper. And after connecting to iTunes it starts working immediately.
  2. No iTunes (or replacement) for Linux. And I failed to launch it under Wine.
  3. Very little number of preinstalled software.
  4. Appstore has the most complex registration procedure I've seen in the last few years.
  5. Ukraine is absent from the list of countries, from which you should choose during registration in Appstore.
  6. After I chose Russia as my country, my user interface became Russian. Well, half-russian.

    I thought that Apple pays some attention to user interfaces.
  7. iPad cannot synchronise time via NTP. So natural and simple feature that I even didn't care to check — until clock went off by more than one minute.
    There is an app to display time obtained via NTP, but it cannot modify the internal clock (no third-party app can, as far as I understand).
    BTW, the device also has GPS — another source of precise time. Having WiFi, GPS and being unable to sync clock — that's just ridiculous.

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virens said...

Recently I have had a time to play with it. A friend of mine purchased iPad and brought it at our Uni.
As far as I can figure out, iPad is just a single-user, single-task payment terminal for Apple stores.:-)

This is so ridiculous that corporations think that restricting user is a good idea. I'm still waiting for god-damned-open smartphone/iPad-alike thing without all those rectal restrictions.